How a Porta Potty and Other Portable Toilets are Cleaned

Whether you’re planning a festival, a fair, a farmer’s market, a concert, a bar-b-que, a sporting event, an outdoor celebration – or any other outdoor event – you want to be sure that everything goes off without a hitch. Of course, that means planning appropriately, which will more than likely include renting porta-potties. If you don’t have access to restrooms, there’s no doubt that your event isn’t going to go as well as it should. In fact, you’ll likely end up having a lot of annoyed attendees. That’s why portable toilets are such ingenious inventions, as they allow you to provide groups of people with facilities that they can use to relieve themselves virtually anywhere; campgrounds, fairgrounds, sporting fields, parks, your backyard – pretty much anywhere you can think of!

Wheelchair Accessible Portable Restroom Rental

If you’ve never rented a portable toilet before, there’s no doubt that you have some questions. One of the most common questions that we receive at Arizona Portables is “How are porta-potties cleaned?” It actually isn’t as complicated as you might think! Below is an overview of the process. 

Waste Removal 

When your event is over, the company you rented the portable toilets from will arrive at the location with all of the necessary tools and equipment that are needed to clean out and haul away the units. Sanitation technicians will start the process by emptying the waste that has been collected in the toilets. This is done by attaching a vacuum-like hose onto the hole of the potty. The opposite end of the hose will be attached to a hose pump. The pump will be turned on, the waste will be suctioned out of the toilet, and it will be siphoned into a sanitation truck. 

Once the toilets are emptied, the technician will turn off the pump, remove the hose, and secure the truck. The debris that was removed from the toilets will be hauled off to a wastewater treatment facility, where it will be treated. 


Once the technician has removed the waste from the portable toilet, they’ll “charge” them. “Charging” involves placing multiple gallons of cleansing liquid into the porta-potty. The cleansing liquid not only disinfects the unit, but it also neutralizes any odors. Surprisingly, it can also be used to assess the usage of the portable toilet, which will allow the technicians to determine the next time the porta potty needs to be serviced. 


After all of the waste has been removed and hauled away, and the portable toilet has been “charged”, the next phase in the cleaning process involves scrubbing. Technicians will use the highest quality tools, state-of-the-art equipment, and proven techniques and strategies to scrub the entire unit. Every surface of the porta potty will be given a deep cleaning; the walls, windows, floor, toilet seat, the interior of the toilet, doors, sink, and mirror (if there is one), and windows (if there are any). If their unit features a garbage can, any waste inside it will be removed and the receptacle will be cleaned out. 

Once every surface of the portable toilet has been scrubbed down, the technicians will apply a disinfectant spray. The spray, which will be powerful, yet safe, will ensure that all germs, bacteria, and any other “icky” stuff are eliminated from all surfaces of the unit. The scrubbing process ensures that the entire unit is completely sanitized. 


After the waste has been removed, the toilet has been “charged”, and every surface of the porta-potty has been scrubbed and disinfected, the unit will be restocked. This includes supplies, such as toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, hand sanitizer, or anything else that users may need when they use the porta-potty. When the unit is restocked, it’s ready to use for its next event. 

The Importance of Cleaning a Porta Potty

It goes without saying, but it’s worth mentioning that servicing a portable toilet is a vital part of maintaining the unit to ensure that it not only remains in proper working order but so that it continues to remain in good shape. Obviously, porta potties can become bacteria-laden and quite unsanitary if they aren’t properly maintained. If they aren’t emptied, “charged”, scrubbed, and disinfected, the unit will become a hotbed of bacteria, and anyone who uses it could potentially fall ill. Restocking the unit with fresh toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, and hand sanitizer will also ensure that users have access to the essentials that they’ll need when they use the portable toilet. 

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