Organizing a Summer Festival? Don’t Forget About the Portable Toilets. Plan Ahead.

Are you organizing a summer festival? No matter what kind of festival you are planning, you’ll have one goal — you don’t just want your guests to have an unforgettable experience, but also a great time.

The one thing you absolutely don’t want to be memorable is the restroom. If your portable toilets are set up the way they need to be, after all, your guests won’t even notice them — but if, on the other hand, you fail to plan ahead, you risk guests talking about “that one festival with the absolutely rancid porta potties” even a decade from now. 

What do you need to know to plan for a summer festival that will be remembered for everything but the portable toilets? 

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How Many Portable Toilets Will Your Summer Festival Need?

In the early stages of organizing a summer festival, you will quickly discover guides that tell you how many portable toilets you may need. These guides offer you rough recommendations on the basis of the number of people on your guest list, as well as the duration of your event. 

For instance:

  • A single portable toilet may be enough to meet the needs of up to 50 guests, if your event will not last longer than four hours. If your event lasts six to 10 hours, you will need two portable toilets. 
  • If between 50 and 100 people will be attending your summer festival, you’ll be told, you need two portable toilets as long as your event won’t last longer than four hours. If you expect your festival to go on for five to nine hours, you should add a third porta potty. For events that last more than 10 hours, you need four.

The number of portable toilets people advise you to rent goes up with the duration of the festival as well as the length of the guest list, in other words. Those two factors aren’t, however, the only ones you should keep in mind. 

Also consider how much physical activity your guests will be engaging in, a metric that influences how much water they’ll drink, and whether any food and alcohol will be served at your summer festival. Both will make your portable toilets a lot more popular, and you’ll want to increase the number of portable toilets you offer by around 20 percent. 

Take the local climate into account, and also consider the male to female ratio of your event. When more women are attending your summer festival, it is a good idea to add more portable toilets as well as to have them cleaned more frequently.

Why Do You Need to Pay More Attention to Portable Toilets in Summer?

Because you are organizing a summer festival, you will need to take some additional considerations into account. 

Poorly-placed portable toilets build up heat very quickly, making it more important than ever to put your portable toilets up in an area that benefits from the natural shade. Should this not be possible, you still have the option of using a canopy to provide shade. 

For events that last longer than four hours, it is crucial to make sure your portable toilets are cleaned and serviced regularly to keep your guests happy. Your cleaning staff should ensure that the doors are left open, allowing your portable toilets to air between uses, wherever possible.

Don’t Forget About the Hand Washing Stations

Portable toilets can provide hand sanitizing stations, true, but your guests would really appreciate being able to wash their hands with running water and soap. When you’re organizing a summer festival, your guests won’t only want to wash their hands after using the portable toilets, either — they might get dirt on their hands at any time, or they might want to have something to eat. 

By offering handwashing stations close to the portable toilets you have set up, you make sure that all of your guests can keep their hands clean and hygienic, whether or not they have a need to visit the restroom. They’ll love you for it, and the handwashing stations you set up will help your guests have a great time.

How Can You Best Meet Your Guests’ Needs at a Summer Festival?

The logistics of arranging for a sufficient number of portable toilets — and keeping the facilities in top shape — are a lot more complicated than they might seem at first glance. Fortunately, there is no need to delve into the science of portable toilets yourself. When you hire a team of professionals, like Arizona Portables, you can focus on the aspects of event planning that will make your summer festival a success. 

We, meanwhile, can ensure that your facilities are in excellent shape — so that your guests can remember your festival and not the portable toilets.

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