Benefits of Having a Porta Potty at Your Construction Site

While your workers are hard at work attending to your business at your Arizona construction site, they’ll also inevitably have some of their own. When nature calls, we all have to answer — and even if you are running a small construction crew of fewer than 15 workers, you will still need at least one porta-potty. 

Renting a porta potty might seem like a chore and in some cases even an unnecessary expense, but having a porta potty at your construction site has plenty of benefits, too. Here’s what you need to know.

Benefits of Having a Porta Potty at Your Construction Site

1. Porta Potties Help You Comply With OSHA Regulations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (better known simply as OSHA) requires employers to provide workers with appropriate and well-maintained restroom facilities. Where no sewered toilet is available within a reasonable distance, porta-potties are the go-to alternative — not just in Arizona, but across the country!

To find out how many porta potties you need for your Arizona construction site, you can use Arizona Portables’ handy Porta Potty Rental Calculator. Keep in mind that OSHA regulations specify the minimum number of porta potties you are required to install at your construction site and that your site will almost always fare better if you install additional units.

2. Your Workers Will Appreciate Your Effort

Do you want to show your workers how much you appreciate them? Nothing says “your needs matter to us” like a consistently clean, odor-free, and well-stocked porta potty. Nobody wants to have to attend to their personal needs in a smelly and dirty unit, and nearly all construction workers will have had prior experience with precisely that. 

By making sure your porta potties are up to scratch, your workers will know that you care about their personal comfort — and they’ll repay the effort by working extra hard. 

3. Porta Potties Increase Worker Productivity

Workers who have to walk a considerable distance to reach a restroom lose time that they could have spent on the job. Workers who have to wait in line to use the restroom, because there are not enough sewered units available for the entire crew, lose productive time. Workers who feel like they have to drive to a gas station or fast-food restaurant to use the facilities lose a lot of productive time. 

Do you want to make sure that using the bathroom never results in lost time on the job? Installing a porta-potty within easy reach will help your workers be more productive.

4. Porta Potties Keep Your Client’s Property Clean

Is your construction crew carrying out a large-scale home renovation project, or renovating a commercial space? In these cases, sewered bathrooms are likely to be available — and as such, you will not legally be required to install porta-potties on your Arizona construction site. 

That does not, on the other hand, mean that your client will welcome an endless slew of workers using their restroom facilities. In fact, many will actively dislike not only the fact that restrooms need to be cleaned more often because your construction crew uses them, but also be uncomfortable with having workers in their personal space at all. 

By installing a porta potty at your Arizona construction site — or more than one, if your crew is large enough — you are showing your client that you and your crew are professionals. You are there to carry out the job at hand. Construction work is disruptive by nature, but at least you are not using the client’s private spaces by using their restrooms. 

5. Installing Porta Potties at Your Arizona Construction Site Is Cost Effective

Opting to rent a porta potty in Arizona even when you aren’t legally obliged to do so, or choosing to rent more porta potties than OSHA requires you to, may seem like an unnecessary expense. In fact, renting porta potties can be an advantage in this situation for several reasons:

  • Workers who have easy access to toilet facilities will be more productive, and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done quickly.
  • Clients are more likely to be satisfied by your work ethic and the general impression you leave when you avoid using their personal restroom facilities. This can result in more frequent recommendations and positive reviews, and thus (indirectly) further work in the future.

6. Renting a Porta Potty in Arizona Is Easy!

Before you have your porta potties delivered to your Arizona location, you will need to calculate how many units you need. Everything else, however, is easy. If you choose Arizona Portables for your porta potty rental needs, we will:

  • Place your porta potty units as close as possible to your job site, in a stable and secure location.
  • Service and stock your porta potties once a week, or more often if you find that you require it. 
  • Come to your aid immediately if you have any problems with a porta potty unit you rented from Arizona Portables.
  • Pick your porta potties up when your project is done.

When you leave your porta potty rental and maintenance needs to seasoned professionals, you can concentrate on your own job — and you’ll only ever need to remember that the porta potty is there when you need to use it.

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